Are You Pitch Ready?

With the RWA National Conference just around the corner, you’ll want to make sure you’re pitch ready.  Here are some helpful tips to ensure your “elevator pitch” or pitch session is spot on!

Prior To The Interview:

  • Know who you are pitching to (editor/agent). Read the person’s blog, twitter messages, etc.
  • Know what genre they are looking to acquire.
  • Know what books/authors they have recently acquired.
  • Know their company’s mission.
  • Have an understanding of what their company is acquiring now and in the past.

What To Bring:

  • Business cards
  • Professional attitude
  • Good Posture
  • Think/say “I’m excited” and not “I’m nervous”
  • 3×5 index cards with pitch notes, if needed
  • Passion for your story!

What To Wear:

  • Business Casual
  • Vivid colors are more memorable than monochrome
  • Incorporate “Branding” (Read The Basics of Author Branding here)
  • Remember, you are interviewing not only your book, but yourself
  • Smile 😀

What Editors And Agents Know And Are Looking For In Your Pitch:

  • A VISUAL HOOK!!! (Previous Blog on One Sentence Hook here)
  • Unique Twist/High Concept
  • Structure (Previous Blog Turning a One Sentence Hook into a Five-Sentence Synopsis here
  • Personality Types
  • Flaw/Strength
  • Theme
  • Arcs
  • Conflict
  • What sells?
  • Minimal  backstory in pitch

Be Prepared To Answer The Following:

  • Your Name (real)
  • Title of your book
  • Genre
  • Word count
  • Snappy Hook (or Log Line)
  • Story plot
  • Theme
  • Character arc
  • Suspense arc
  • Romantic arc
  • What else you are working on?
  • What have sold?
  • Are you indie published?
  • STOP TALKING  with Submission Request

What To Have On Standby:

  • A polished (edited) manuscript that you can send in right away if requested.
  • A polished (edited) query letter  (Previous blog Query Letter Made Easy here)
  • A polished (edited) synopsis (3-5 pages)

After You Pitch:

  • Thank the editor/agent for their time
  • Send thank you e-mails and/or cards afterwards, regardless of request for proposal


Happy Pitching,

Cyndi Faria

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