Wordy Wednesday – Irresolvable


I love words! And I love to read! So each Wednesday I’m going to grab an unfamiliar or unusual word I’ve discovered in some of my favorite books and authors. I’ll post the meaning and the paragraph I’ve found the word to show its usage. If so inclined, check out the book and author’s website by clicking on the links below the paragraph. Happy Reading, Cyndi


1) Impossible to resolve; insoluble.

2) Impossible to separate into its component parts.

“Irresolvable.” – Wiktionary. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Oct. 2012. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/irresolvable .

Cajun Hot, by Nikita Black

Jacque questioning Sahara:

“And yet you’d leave this man, the day after you became his wife. Possibly pregnant with his child. Why?”

“There is no child,” she said vehemently, unable to address the other, certain at least of that much.

“What about the time in the boat?”

Well, nearly certain. “Wrong time of the month. It’s impossible.” She prayed it was impossible. That would be an irresolvable complication in this morass of complications.”

“Nothing’s impossible,” he said. “And you aren’t leaving until we know for sure.”  The determination is his voice brooked no resistance.


Read more: Cajun Hot, by Nina Bruhns writing as Nikita Black


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