A Promise Worth Keeping

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I’m so excited to announce my upcoming short story A Promise Worth Keeping.  Hopefully, it should be available for FREE on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday via Kindle and Amazon’s KDP Program, but I’ll let you know for sure. 

Promise Final 300dpi

I have some awesome reviews thus far:

“A sweet Valentine’s Day delight.”  —Susan Hatler, International Bestselling Author

 “Ms. Faria has penned an exquisite, bittersweet tale to warm up your Valentine’s Day. True love is worth waiting for.”  —Jill James, author of Divorce, Interrupted

 “Cyndi Faria has written a short story that will stay with you after you read it. Love and how it affects the individual is the heart of the story. A perfect Valentine Day’s read, a perfect read for any time your heart is feeling lonely.”  —Pepper Phillips, author The Devil Has Dimples, a 4* Romantic Times pick

Here’s a snippet of Clayton’s story:

Clayton has a real mess on his hands. Not only have garden vandals threatened the Remy Estate’s Valentine’s Day celebration, but Clayton’s girlfriend, Sarah, has proposed to him despite knowing he doesn’t believe in lasting love.

By hunkering down in the garden all night, Clayton hopes to at least solve one of his problems and catch the vandals in the act. Instead, will Clayton finally face his fears and become a man worth loving?


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