Writer’s Helpers (Contest)

Four years ago when I began writing, I searched for sites to aid the new writer and blogger. Some I found helpful in the short-term. Listed below, however, are several sites I’ve found invaluable. These include industry news, writing craft, photoshop help, and photo sources.

Here’s the $10 Amazon gift card challenge.  Each unique link to a site you’ve found invaluable (please include a brief description), I’ll enter you in the contest. Send me 5 links, get entered 5 times. Easy, peasy.

In the future, I’ll create a Writer’s Helpers page and incorporate all of the accumulated sites to have at your fingertips.  Happy Writing!  Cyndi Faria

Industry News:

Shelf Awareness Pro (newsletter)
Writer Beware

Writing Craft:

Holly Lisle (writing tips newsletter)
C.S. Lakin Live Write Thrive
Shelli Johnson, Author
Writers In The Storm
Men with Pens
Damn Fine Words
Savvy Authors (subscription)
Rayne Hall (workshops)
Janice Hardy

Marketing and Support:

Book Marketing Floozy
Author EMS (subscribe)
Bestseller Lab Jonathan Gunson

Photo Sources:


Photoshop Tutorial (Free):

Photoshop Essentials

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