Connecting with Readers


With spring comes change and growth. As I morph from a mostly writer support website to a website targeted at connecting with more readers, I’m actually as excited as a butterfly on the verge of taking its first flight. There’s a little thrumming inside me as I ponder which direction to go.

To help with direction, I enrolled in a class titled Virtual Real Estate through Author EMS. By familiarizing myself with the numerous social networking sites readers like to visit (Pinterest, Goodreads, Facebook Author Page, and so many more), I hope to connect to even more readers with my next release.

With my first short story via this website, Twitter, Facebook, several Yahoo Groups, a guest blog, and Amazon, over 10,000 copies of my debut short story have been downloaded thus far. Imagine if I actively connected with other sites? Reader sites?

If you’re a reader that loves to read about courageous heroes and heroines that stand up to and defeat injustice, yet find love and a place to call home along the way, you might just be one of my future followers.

So stay tuned for updates and successes and subtle changes with this site. Want me to connect with you? Send me your link.

I’m so glad you’re flying with me!

Happy flight,

Cyndi Faria


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