Writing The End

Yesterday, I wrote the end to my upcoming short story titled A Promise Worth Remembering. And I can’t wait to share the blurb and cover. I promise I’ll post those very soon. But before I started writing, I had to envision my hero Tucker Pierce. I asked myself what kind of hero did I want to play his role?

Many television actors came to mind:

Comedian Hero: Roy Miller, played by Tom Cruise, in Knight and Day. Roy is a save the day while laughing kind of guy, whose girl June Havens, played by Cameron Diaz, saves him in the end. He’s so funny and their chemistry is fantastic.

The Wounded Hero: Damon Salvatore, played by Ian Somerhalder, in The Vampire Diaries. Damon’s sacrifice for his brother, Stephan, is portrayed by Damon’s motto “I don’t deserve the girl, Elaina, because I’m too flawed and, therefore, must push her into Stephan’s arms.” So, he’s a damaged hero he believes isn’t worth saving. He wants to be good, but… Elaina helps him to see he’s a man worth saving.

Compassionate Hero: Sheriff Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, in the Walking Dead. Rick starts out as a man who unconditionally loves his wife. Only problem is that his “compassion to a fault” way of seeing the world no longer works in zombie land. To protect the woman he loves, he must make hard choices and turn off his compassionate nature. (Spoiler Alert) He loses the girl. Unfortunately, he won’t be getting her back. Will Rick learn to balance the two, compassion and hard choices, and finally find love? I guess we will have to wait until next season.

There are personality triats in these three heroes I love. Roy’s wit and casual style, Damon’s passion for Elaina—seeing that what she wants is important—and Rick’s compassion, but willingness to pull out the guns in order to save the girl…maybe even risk her hating him for a time.

I created Tucker Pierce, who is a combo of these three. From the outside, Tucker’s youth-filled years (backstory) seemed perfect. He’s captain and star of the varsity swim team and gets straight A’s. He’s the son of a rich and influential father. He’s found love in the new girl, Bailey Clark. But she’s a Clark. Think Montague and Capulet or Hatfield and McCoy. Their love is a forbidden love. They also each have a desperate secret neither shares with each other. Those wounds keep them apart for ten years.

A Promise Worth Remembering will bring them together again, older, wiser, but on the verge of change. Written in Bailey’s POV, if she can face her fear once and for all and trust Tucker to be that man who will lay down his pride and make the hard choices, help her to leave the past behind and embrace the future—while each revealing their wounds—they might just save each another on their way to happily ever after.

Do you have a favorite hero? What are some of the traits in him you can’t live without?


6 thoughts on “Writing The End

  1. Rick becomes almost unstable during the course of season three though but I agree, he is a great hero.

    My favourite hero is Lyra Belacqua from His Dark Materials (I’ve done a character feature on her here. She is just wonderful because she calls it as she sees. Forget respecting her elders, she’ll respect them if they deserve and she doesn’t like liars or the deception of the average adult. She’s the kid we wish we were, the kid that adults learn to be to stop people walking all over them. Fearless too.

    • M–
      As Rick’s mental capacity deteriorates, I found myself so saddened by his loss and pain. The message of “Don’t go to sleep angry” is loud and clear. Say what’s on your mind instead of thinking you’re protecting the one you love by keeping silent. Clearly, he’s devastated he didn’t tell Lori how much he loved her and now she’s never coming home. I think you and I could talk Walking Dead, especially structure (season 3 – Bad Guys Close In) for days. I’m hooked. I’m curious to see how season 4, which should be a climactic season, turns out. After, I’m not sure how they’ll continued. New problem, I suppose.

      I haven’t heard of His Dark Materials, so I’m going to check out your feature. I do like strong female characters. I love Lisbeth Salander in the Girl With the Dragon Tatoo series, and I adore Anita Blake, in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Vampire Hunter series. And of course, you’ve already studied Katsis. As always, thanks for your comment. 😀

      • Yes we probably could talk TWD for days! I’m most likely going to do a character analysis of Rick next when I get around to it. Can’t promise it will be any time soon though!

  2. I fall in love with all my heroes, but if I have to choose it is my first published hero, Declan Grainger. He is the Zorro, Robin Hood type hero who shares his wealth to help his townsfolk. He wears a mask, but not to hide from taking but to hide from giving. He is tall, Scottish – well, okay I will admit this – think Gerard Butler. 😉

    • Paisley, every time I write a new story, I’m convinced my future heroes will never be better than the one currently on the page. I suppose my hero changes slightly as I do, personality wise. However, their look rarely varies on the page or off. I like medium to large build men with dark features. Blue eyes are of particular interest and contrast. So, Go Damon! Also, I love Russell Crowe in Robin Hood. That’s one of my favorite movies and premises. I’ve seen the movie at least a dozen times. Who doesn’t love a wounded, benevolent, risk taking, hero full of integrity and honor that will do anything to win the girl? That scene where Robin gets on his horse, right before he heads off to battle, and gazes down at Marion, played by Kate Blanchette, with so much love in his eyes that I swear he’s looking at me, then boldly announces, “I love you, Marion…” Geesh, that gives me super tingles on my arms every time I’ve seen the movie. Sometimes, I say that to my dh. He just rolls his eyes. 😀

      • Our hubbies should be given awards for living with romance authors. 🙂 You know, I’ve attempted watching Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood and I hate it – too dark or it is how Comcast broadcasts it. I don’t know, but I usually like Robin Hood movies. I suppose if they’d cast Gerry Butler, I would have worn it out dark or not. 😉

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