Indie-Pubbing? Be Ready to Answer these 15 Questions

If you’re Indie-pubbing, be ready to answer the 15 questions below. Recently, I Indie-pubbed a second short romance in the Promises Collection. To get your copy, click here. By doing my own promotion, I must have filled out twenty different questionnaires in addition to my blog-hop posts. Yes, there were repetitive questions and answers, but some unique that required thought. After all, I wanted to reach as many readers as I could during the 4-day Amazon Free period.

Over that period, 7,000 copies were downloaded. Downloads came from all Amazon countries offered. A Promise Worth Remembering hit #3 in Anthologies and #6 in New Adult Romance free Kindle. And the bestseller’s rank for free Kindle hit #47. The story continues to receive 5 star reviews. ;D

A Promise Worth Remembering

To help with my next release, I created a document that contains answers to each and every question. And thank goodness. I released on a Tuesday and was contacted by four promo sites that wanted to do a full-page feature (Freebooksy, Freebookdude, It’s Write Now, and Free Books Daily) that very day.

And Free Books Daily also asked for an author interview, my First!  But ten minutes before I needed to leave for my day job, read here. I went into a little panic mode. What would I say? I wasn’t quite prepared. Now I will be. With the information I need at my fingertips, next time I’ll be release-day ready and you can be prepared, too.

15 Questions:

  1. Amazon Book Page URL
  2. Cover URL
  3. Back Cover Blurb (250 words or less)
  4. Short Blurb (100 words or less)
  5. 5 Intriguing Twitter Blasts (3 less than 30 words so promo sites can insert their links) (Create more blasts as reviews come in)
  6. 2 Facebook Blasts
  7. Author Bio
  8. Author Photo URL
  9. Website URL
  10. Facebook URL
  11. Twitter URL
  12. Amazon Author Page URL
  13. What Inspired you to write this story?
  14. What is your book about? (Not Blurb)
  15. Why should the promo site post your story?

Indie-pubbing? Now you’re ready to answer those 15 questions. Copy the list above and paste into a document file. Then create and paste your answers, so the information is at your fingertips. That’s easy, right? If you have more to add to the list above, please share.

Happy Reading,

Cyndi Faria


15 thoughts on “Indie-Pubbing? Be Ready to Answer these 15 Questions

    • Thank YOU, Emma, for featuring A Promise Worth Remembering on It’s Write Now. You have an awesome site and many supportive followers, as I saw a boost in sales after your post. Thanks bunches! Cyndi ;D

    • Diana, I formatted for Kindle myself. It was really easy. Word doc, upload and tah-dah…. I have to learn the rest now for when my super short goes free everywhere. I’m sure I’ll be sharing my experience come September. ;D

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