IBD Flash Fiction 2013 Winner!

CyndiFaria (1)I’m an IBD Flash Fiction 2013 Winner!

Last week, Indie Book of the Day contacted me and asked me to participate in their Flash Fiction contest–something I’ve always wanted to try. I thought, “What the heck? At the least, my work will be part of an anthology. At best, I’d win a month-long promo package worth $50.”

There were five categories and I entered two: 69 Words of Romance and The Chronicles of Fantasia.

The rules were simple: The Romance could be no longer than 69 words (including the title) and Deception had to be part of the plot.

Here’s my winning entry:


Catherine strolled to Count Zacharie and batted lashes through her feathered mask. Tonight, she would be a Lady.

“I’m enchanted, Mademoiselle.” He kissed her gloved hand. “A dance?”

“Only with you.…” She twirled in her borrowed gown until she had to bid a tearful goodbye.

After weeks reliving the waltz in her mind, she answered a knock on her hut’s wooden door.

Zacharie knelt. “Dance with me forever?”


The Fantasia/Adventure could be no longer than 45 words (including the title) and had to have a mythical creature as part of the story. I picked the Loveland Cryptid–that’s a small man with a frog head.  Although my story was not a winning entry, the piece will be included in IBD’s collection made available by IBD through Amazon, BN, iTunes, Smashwords, etc., as part of the promotion (Publication between July-August).

Here’s my Fantasia entry:


Amelia rowed a dandelion stalk through the potion, bathing her husband’s ashes. Teary-eyed, she sprinkled cryptid claw into the cauldron, spinning mossy specters. They’d be reunited—


Webbed hands eased her to standing, but his kiss was urgent. “Rrriiiiibbiiittt,” he crooned.

“Kokak-kokak!” she croaked.


Hope you enjoyed my try at Flash Fiction. I can’t wait to read all 372 Flash Fiction entries. To read the announcement of winners and all winning entries of the IBD Flash Fiction 2013 Contest click here.  Be first to find out when the Anthology releases by joining the IBD Book Club.


Have you every tried your hand at Flash Fiction?

Happy Reading,

Cyndi Faria


16 thoughts on “IBD Flash Fiction 2013 Winner!

  1. I have tried flash fiction but only using prompts up at Daily Post. Tough but rewarding to write a story in under 300 words. I should do more of it really to keep those creative juices flowing.

    Well done Cyndi!

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