A JAKonrath Challenge Winner


Puppy Love Final

Last week, JA Konrath put out a challenge (Here and Here): Write a short ebook in 8 hours, complete with cover, editing and uploading into Amazon’s KDP Program. He encouraged authors to set the book free on August 30, in an effort to draw more people to his site where they’d find many other authors who partook in the challenge. Another suggestion was to add a silly pen name.  I chose Tally Wags

Puppy Love on a Budget: How To Get More Bark For Your Bite went live yesterday and is FREE TODAY for Kindle Here.

Those who know me know I love animals, but especially my new pup, William. He’s spoiled rotten and loves me unconditionally. I want to keep his health pristine, so he can live a long, healthy life without the price gouging of brand name foods and high-cost vetting.

Puppy love shows/tells how I saved $2,500 in the first year of puppyhood while still providing full service vetting and quality food products. I also give tips on how to avoid the vet by keeping your pup safe from numerous obstacles he’ll encounter throughout his lifetime.


You’re getting a puppy! Want to save thousands of dollars by learning cost saving tips that keep you saving and tails wagging? Puppy Love on a Budget author, Tally Wags, will use her personal experience, along with help from her new pup, to show you ways to budget in that first year of puppyhood without compromising quality or care. Ready to save big? Step inside the pages of Puppy Love on a Budget to see how you, too, can get more bark for your bite!




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