Facebook Release Party… Many Authors and Prizes


In celebration of Virna Depaul’s new release Bedding the Bad Boy, I’ve been invited to share in the fun. Beginning at 9:00 PST today, each half hour a new author will share new books and prizes. Follow the link to PARTY TIME: https://www.facebook.com/events/189995631191396/

Last Day: A Promise Worth Honoring is still FREE. Don’t miss this opportunity to add another heartwarming romance to your kindle.

$25 Amazon Gift Card is up for grabs. Click on the rafflecopter below for details.

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Honoring Cover Final 12-11 Flatten

Will Love Triumph Over Family Expectations?

A Promise Worth Honoring, Book 3 in the Promises Collection. Read now by clicking here.

Groomed To Uphold Tradition

Safe Haven Fire Cadet Garrett Parker has been groomed to be a firefighter just like the four generations of Parker men before him. Fighting fires is in his blood and he’s bound by a death-bed promise to his father to uphold family tradition.

Crowned For Self-Sacrifice

But Maggie Pritchard, Garrett’s best friend and reigning Miss Safe Haven, is the only one who realizes his secret fear of confined spaces threatens his ability to become a fire fighter, as well as keeps him from learning there’s more to life than riding on other’s expectations.

Will Best Friends Sacrifice Tradition To Find Happily Ever After?

When Maggie partners with Garrett in the homecoming pageant dance competition, will the pair rise and face their greatest fear of disappointing others in time to find their happily ever after?

As always, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy  Reading,  Cyndi


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