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Spirit Released Launch Day! #Giveaway

Spirit Released, Book 1 in the Whisper Cove Series, is here!!!

I’m jumping up and down with excitement to finally share Jake and Faith’s story. To celebrate, I’m hosting a Facebook Launch Party with nine other awesome authors, many who are New York Times and USA Today best sellers, National and International best sellers (check out the names below). You won’t want to miss the Facebook fun, prizes, giveaways, and books, all you have to do is follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/226507507543102/228003070726879/?notif_t=like  And of course, play along!

 Read Spirit Released now:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1i9KOvu  

(And I love reviews!) (B&N, iTunes, Google Play links available soon, paperback on it’s way!)


Check out the guest author line up and times (Remember these are EST):

7:00 pm: Hosting author, Cyndi Faria: Giveaway
7:15: Guest author #1 Tawny Weber: Giveaway
7:30: Guest author #2 Karin Tabke: Giveaway
7:45: Hosting author, Cyndi Faria: Giveaway
8:00: Guest author #3 Sharon Hamilton: Giveaway
8:15: Guest author #4 Kristina Mathews: Giveaway
8:30: Guest author #5 Grace Callaway: Giveaway
8:45: Hosting author, Cyndi Faria: Giveaway
9:00: Guest author #6 Virna DePaul: Giveaway
9:15: Guest author #7 Kristin Miller: Giveaway
9:30: Guest author #8 Dale Mayer: Giveaway
9:45: Guest author #9 Susan Hatler: Giveaway
10:00: Hosting author, Cyndi Faria: Final Giveaway
See you at the party!!! Cyndi
In the sSpiritReleased 500x750easide town of Whisper Cove, a centuries’ old curse tests true love…

On her wedding day, Faith Cabrillo prepares to confess a desperate secret to her fiancé, Jake Mitchell—she’s cursed with both the ability of speaking to the dead…and never fulfilling the promise of true love. Before the truth is revealed, Jake’s life is endangered and Faith sacrifices herself to save him.

Grief-stricken, Jake refuses to accept Faith’s comatose state. His innovative research keeps Faith alive, yet he’s faced with his biggest challenge when Faith’s spirit appears with a warning that his life is still in danger. Because Jake’s a man of medicine, he denies his Faith truly exists on two planes. Until he talks to her. And holds her. And begins to hope that he’s wrong.

Will Jake’s devotion and Faith’s body and soul be forged by love’s healing power in time to stop a killer before the curse again claims Faith …this time forever?



Writing Process Blog Hop


Before I talk about my writing process, I want to say this week has been so exciting! Come Tuesday April 22nd, I’ll release my Debut novel titled, Spirit Released.

For a chance to win this beautiful locket, created by myself with the help of Origami Owl, gift cards, eBooks, and more, join the event by following this clicking here. Check Going.

Locket 2


Enter the pre-party rafflecopter for a chance to win an Amazon gift card by following this clicking here.

Until Tuesday, I’ll be posting excerpts, hosting daily giveaways, and introducing you to our wonderful lineup of guest authors. Those include: Virna De Paul, Susan Hatler, Karin Tabke, Tawny Weber, Kristina Mathews, Kristin Miller, Sharon Hamilton, Grace Callaway, and Dale Mayer!

See you at the party!


The Writing Process Blog Hop:

Asked by author Diana Mccollum to participate in a blog hop, well, I hopped right on. So thank you Diana for including me.  To find out what Diana has to say about her writing process, click here.


What am I working on?

Right now I’m working on book 2 in the Whisper Cove Series. This is Thomas the sexy detective’s story. We’ll first meet him in Spirit Released, book 1, that releases on Tuesday, April 22!

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This series strays away from dark and gory paranormal of vamps and weres and swings toward the more sweet but still sexy and dangerous side of the spirit world. The mystery behind the town’s curse is embedded in Native American folklore of the Ohlone people that inhabit the California coastline and the Christian settlers that founded the town. Research of the Monterey area and northward suggests spirits do exist… Along with historical conflicts between the Ohlone and Mission Settlers.

Why do I write what I do?

As a California Native who finds peace at the edge of the sea, I wanted others to experience the magic and mystery of seeing the world through both Christian and Native American lenses. Nature and natural balance has played a dynamic role in my life and has left me with questions… What if there is more than what we are told exists, what we can see?  I pity those that gazed at the horizon at the edge of the sea and believed that the world was flat, so that in sailing to the edge they’d fall to their deaths. I want to challenge such notions. And of course experience love unfolding as two souls destined for each other come together…

How does the writing process work?

Mentally, I’ve always been a daydreamer. I carry a notepad and smart phone. Should an idea pop up I’ll jot it down with the long list of others.

Over time, one of those log lines will rise to the surface of my mind. The characters will wake me in the middle of night and beg for their stories to be told. While I’m driving, entire scenes will unfold in cinematic format. Faith and Jake’s story shook me awake two years ago and never let go!

See you at the release party!

Also, if you’d like to participate in the Writing Process Blog Hop, send me a request and I’ll append to this post to keep the chain going.

Happy Easter!  Cyndi




Wordy Wednesday-Frippery


I love words! And I love to read! So each Wednesday I’m going to grab an unfamiliar or unusual word I’ve discovered in some of my favorite books. I’ll post the meaning and the paragraph I’ve found the word to show its usage. If so inclined, check out the book and author’s website by clicking on the links below the paragraph. Happy Reading, Cyndi



1) Ostentatious, as in fancy clothing;

2) useless things, trifles.

“Frippery.” – Wiktionary. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 Nov. 2012. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/frippery.

Her Husband’s Harlot, by Grace Callaway

“This store was much different from Madame Rousseau’s. The interior was dark, for one, and the merchandise exhibited in haphazard fashion. A handful of glass-topped cases crowded the small front room, showing gloves of dubious quality alongside bits of hosiery and other frippery.”


Read more: Her Husband’s Harlot, by Grace Callaway.

Love My Writing Life: 2012 RWA National Convention Snapshots

Robyn Carr & Cyndi Faria

“Success Is Measured In Moments of Satisfaction.” –Robyn Carr

This year’s RWA Convention held in Anaheim, CA near Disneyland was, in one word, AWESOME!

I met with some of my favorite author’s like Yasmine Galenorn, Nora Roberts (J.D. Robb), Robyn Carr, Lori Wilde, Cherry Adair, Virna DePaul, Karin Tabke (Harlow), Tawny Weber, Kristin Miller, Cindy Sample, Donnell Ann Bell, and more during the “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing that raised $52,933 for ProLiteracy Worldwide, Read OC, and Literacy Volunteers – Huntington Valley.

Cherry Adair. LOVE HER!

Nora Roberts Signing My Book!

My Mentor Lori Wilde!

During the event, I attended several classes on Craft, Publishing, Career, Research, and Writer’s Life. I found myself renewed and inspired. Classes included:

  • Escalator to HEA: Raising Story Stakes the Easy Way (Virna DePaul)
  • It’s Showtime! Show, Don’t Tell ( Janice Hardy)
  • Plotting via Motivation (Laurie Schnebly Campbell)
  • Using Inner Conflict to Create Powerful Love Stories (Michael Hauge)
  • How to Put the Thrill in Your Thrillers (James Rollins)
  • Writing Your Best Book: Six Magic Words (Susan Elizabeth Phillips)
  • How to Make Your Openings Pop (Margie Lawson)
  • Conflict and Its Role In Storytelling (Debra Dixon)
  • Superbad: How Unleashing Your Villain Can Unlock Your Story (Tamara Hogan and Susan Sey)

BDRWA Chapter Dinner (Photo By Sam Bradley)

Spending time with my fellow Black Diamond RWA and Sacramento Valley Rose chapter mates, critique partners, mentor, and those women I’ve met in on-line support loops, blogs, and Twitter was an invaluable experience I’ll always treasure.

Critique Partners And Dear Friends, (me) Rochelle French, Virna DePaul, Susan Hatler

Vanessa Kiers, Virna DePaul, Grace Callaway, Laura McCann


Kristin Miller and Me


 I leave you with a quote from the recipient of the 2012 RWA Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award, Brenda Jackson, who has written more than 90 novels and novellas and has more than 3 million books in print:

“Take Work Seriously. Yourself? Not So Much. Have Fun. Write Hopelessly, Fearlessly. Write What You Want To Read. Reinvent Yourself. Create A Trend!” –Brenda Jackson

See You At Next Year’s Conference In Atlanta, Georgia, July 17th through the 21st, 2013.

Me Sharing Some Damon Salvatore SWAG with Virna Depaul

Happy Writing,

Cyndi Faria