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Living the Dream at Lowcountry RWA’s Masterclass

Living the Dream at Lowcountry RWA’s Masterclass

Recently, I attended Lowcountry RWA’s Jumpstart Masterclass (#IOP), in South Carolina. During my 10 day stent, I met some of the most fabulous writers ever! Add to this the Atlantic Ocean a few steps away and food with Southern Flair, well, FABULOUS!!!

Speakers Included:

These women shared their experiences, their secrets, their love of writing, but also visited the business side, the hard work—and cliché: blood, sweat, and tears—of their writing journey.

Topics included:

  • Structure—Plotting—Hero Journey-Tropes
  • Digital and Indie Publishing
  • Business Aspect:
    • Networking
    • Audience Building (Promotion and Web Presence)
    • Brand

The most important sayings I learned:

  •  Stephanie Bond: “Be the CEO of YOU, Inc.”
  •  C. J. Lyons: “No Rules, Just Write”

Did you know that 81% of Americans dream of writing a book, but only 1% actually finishes?

Knowing this, I came away from Lowcountry RWA’s Jumpstart Masterclass with a sense of renewal and passion to keep writing and believing in myself. And also, that by completing book 5 (though three are first drafts), I’m already living the dream! 

My heartfelt thank you goes out to those women who shared their passion and knowledge, and to the wonderful attendants, new friends and old, who have imprinted my writing journey with great memories!

Have you attended a motivating retreat? Please share.

Happy Writing, Cyndi Faria