Spirit Awakened Pre-Release Party

Pre-order Graphic


Only one week away, and I’m so excited to finally announce Spirit Awakened will release on September 23rd, 2014. To celebrate, I’m offering a Rafflecopter $20 gift card. Winning is easy, just follow the link: http://bit.ly/1DfUwoj

Best of all, you can pre-order Spirit Awakened now on Amazon.

I’m going to be guest blogging, having more after-release-day giveaways, and sharing other news. To hear the latest here first, don’t forget to follow my blog.


1Spirit Awakened1600x2400 9-14 Flatten



Jake Mitchell is a neurologist who doesn’t trust what can’t be explained. That is, until he moves to the rumor-haunted town of Whisper Cove and meets a beautiful nurse named Faith Cabrillo. When Faith awakens Jake’s sixth sense that defies science, he’s thrown into a world of passion, spirits, and a centuries-old lovers’ curse that can never be broken….


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