Writer’s Toolbox


Characterization is More than Skin and Bones

Setting as Character

Characterization – Behind the Mask

Motto VS Personality Type

Profession Key to Backstory

Likeable Flawed Characters

Weaving Character Traits Into Your Scenes

Character Motto

Amping Emotion:

Describing Emotion

Creating and Intensifying Emotion

A Novel’s Structure:

Theme and Reader Loyalty

Great Beginnings Start at a Tipping Point

Story Structure for Fiction Writers

Catalyst VS Inciting Incident

Conflict in Fiction

Mood, Tone, and Style

Taking the Mystery out of Goal and Motivation

Paragraph Construction

Weaving Mystery into Fiction

Research – Acquiring More than Facts

Cover Necessities:

Winning Book Titles

Cover Wars

Back Cover Blurb Defined

All the Write Moves

Prepping for Publishing:

Branding, It’s All About Impression

Are You Conference Ready?

Are You Pitch Ready?

Pitch: Turning a One Sentence Hook into a Five Sentence Paragraph

Log Line: One Sentence Hook – Adding and Creating Conflict

Query Letter Made Easy

Rejection Happens

Writer’s Journey:

Juggling Fantasy and Reality

A Novel’s Journey


Voice – Finding Yours

Dare To Ask Your Readers

Know Your Reader – Reaching Out and Building Friendships

Embrace What Would Be

Ride To Publication

What Inspires You

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