Release Week Celebration


Release week celebration is in full swing!

Today, I’m over at Pink Fuzzy Slippers. I’m giving away a $5 Amazon gift card to one lucky commenter. Hope you stop by and say hello!

And I’ll be running a Rafflecopter for the next week. A $25 Amazon gift card is up for grabs. Winning is easy.

Congratulations to Kah C. who won a $10 gc and Crystal H. who won a swag package.

Back to the good stuff…I can’t believe tomorrow Spirit Awakened will go live!

Already, I’m hearing feedback like “LOVED IT!” “Page turner” “I’m off to read book 2, Spirit Released”.

I hope you, too,  fall in love with Jake and Faith’s quest for a happily-ever-after. Spirit Awakened is available wherever books are sold.




Google Play:

Barnes and Noble: (Pending)


6 thoughts on “Release Week Celebration

  1. I am so excited to see this being released. This series is great. I love the characters of Whisper Cove, I love the Fog Bound Spirits. Getting to know more about Jake and Faith is wonderful. I love it. It is another book I simply can not put down.

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