Woohoo! I’ve got some splendid news for you all today! February is rushing toward us as the first month of 2017 is coming to a close. The fifth book in my Whisper Cove series, Spirit Freed will be releasing on Valentine’s Day. Woot! Woot!  I have lots of fun stuff coming up to celebrate the release of Dane and Abagail’s story. More to come on that soon but first…

I’M SO EXCITED. From now until midnight February 2, 2017 you can purchase book 4 in the Whisper Cove series, Spirit Returned for 99 cents, regularly priced at $3.99! YES! 99 CENTS! This is the first-time Spirit Returned is being offered at a discounted price.

The book that started it all Spirit Awakened, the prequel to book 2 is now permafree! Oh wait there’s more…I am offering book 2, Spirit Released for a reduced price of 99 cents through the end of February! Now is the perfect time to binge on the Whisper Cove series while this extraordinary sale is happening. Hope you will all help me spread the word. 🙂

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Whisper Cove Prequel…

Jake Mitchell is a neurologist who doesn’t trust what can’t be explained. That is, until he moves to the rumor-haunted town of Whisper Cove and meets a beautiful nurse named Faith Cabrillo. When Faith awakens Jake’s sixth sense that defies science, he’s thrown into a world of passion, spirits, and a centuries-old lovers’ curse that can never be broken….

Spirit Awakened


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Book 2 in the Whisper Cove series is
99 cents
until the end of February

In the seaside town of Whisper Cove, a centuries’ old curse tests true love…

On her wedding day, Faith Cabrillo prepares to confess a desperate secret to her fiancé, Jake Mitchell—she’s cursed with both the ability of speaking to the dead…and never fulfilling the promise of true love. Before the truth is revealed, Jake’s life is endangered and Faith sacrifices herself to save him.

Grief-stricken, Jake refuses to accept Faith’s comatose state. His innovative research keeps Faith alive, yet he’s faced with his biggest challenge when Faith’s spirit appears with a warning that his life is still in danger. Because Jake’s a man of medicine, he denies his Faith truly exists on two planes. Until he talks to her. And holds her. And begins to hope that he’s wrong.

Will Jake’s devotion and Faith’s body and soul be forged by love’s healing power in time to stop a killer before the curse again claims Faith …this time forever?

Spirit Released


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Book 4 in the Whisper Cove series…

Mason Jayme is rumored to be a healer and the one prophesied to save his hometown of Whisper Cove from an ancient Lover’s Curse. Until that curse is broken, however, he has no business taking a lover—a lesson harshly learned after Mason sleeps with his first love, Katrina Rendon. Believing he’s the reason Katrina was burned and scarred, Mason leaves Whisper Cove, rejecting any notion he can be good for anyone, let alone a whole town.

Katrina was far more devastated by Mason’s rejection than the injuries she sustained in a fire. She wants nothing to do with him—until her father falls ill, and the only way to save him is with Mason’s healing skills. When Mason returns to Whisper Cove, he promises not only to help her father but to help Katrina open her burn victim retreat. Once reunited, the passion between Katrina and Mason sparks higher than ever.

But when Katrina’s soul is threatened by an Original Spirit who has claimed Mason’s body as his own, she’s caught in a whirlwind of spirit possessions and secret rituals. This time, Mason’s ready to risk death by fire in order to save Katrina and their love.

Spirit Returned


Book 3 is not on sale at this time but if you would like the complete set so far here are the details…

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00009]Book 3 in the Whisper Cove series…

In the haunted town of Whisper Cove, who can be trusted? Detective Thomas Jayme is a single father seeking a stable life for his little girl. Unfortunately, three things complicate his life: the spirits of dead townspeople who are out to fulfill an age-old curse, a cold case involving a woman’s death, and the appearance of a beautiful woman who might know something about both.

Chelsea Wright, a newcomer to Whisper Cove, is determined to keep to herself and spend time with her seventeen-year-old son before he leaves home for good. But when she learns she might know the identity of the murdered woman, Chelsea strikes a deal with Thomas: she’ll take care of his daughter if he’ll help her uncover the connection between her and the cold case. As Thomas and Chelsea work to solve both his haunted past and her uncertain future, unknown evil threatens their lives. Will they be able to solve the murder, save lives, and fulfill the promise of a smoldering love before it’s too late?

Spirit Embraced


You can also Pre-Order Book 5 SPIRIT FREED today!


Sworn off Dark Magic… Riiight Dane Kershaw never let his ego stand in the way of duty and doing what is right. When the firefighter is injured in a horrific fire that nearly steals a precious child’s life, he sets his pain aside and rallies fellow wounded firefighters for a beach-side fundraising pin-up calendar…if only he can find a worthy photographer.

Only on one condition… Freed from the wrong side of curses and spells, the last thing Abigail Haven wants is to reconnect with the thrill-seeking heartthrob…until Dane silkily summons her to Whisper Cove with a desperate plea: Photograph the calendar and help raise funds to save a little girl’s life.

But, when Abigail discovers Dane’s human image is degrading while his spirit image is becoming dominant, both Abigail and Dane race to decipher the magical elements. With their second chance at love on the line, will they survive descending into the world of dark magic or will embracing curses and spells be the key to setting their spirits free?

Spirit Freed

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